Podcast 148: PlantTrainers Adam and Shoshana Chaim from a Grim Diagnosis to a Life of Purpose and Plants

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It is within the contrast of life that we are given great opportunity to heal but as we navigate the darkness it can be difficult to see these gifts of growth. None of us know what our lives have in store for us and that is why we must revere every moment. For Adam Chaim, it was his health that changed and it started with a normal afternoon of watching football.

Adam was in his mid-30s, healthy, fit and eating “clean”. Shoshanah was pregnant with their second child and certainly not expecting the turn her life was about to take. Pain shot across Adam’s chest that afternoon and it was just peculiar enough to warrant a visit to the doctor. It started with the detection of a tumor on his kidney and from there heart disease and life expectancy talks. With grim outlooks, they were both overcome with worry about their future as they faced Adam’s mortality.

This is a story about healing; as a family, a couple and individually. Adam and Shoshanah have been through all the layers of a life-altering experience. For Shoshanah, some of the battle wounds still feel fresh. Adam’s return to health was on the rise while Shoshanah dealt with deep levels of darkness and desperation. She opens up so generously about the PTSD that she has experienced since the life of her husband was threatened.

This is a story of love and a mission to prevent others from having to experience what they did in the prime of their lives. Through their business and podcast, PlantTrainers, Adam and Shoshanah are dedicated to spreading the message of eating well, living well and healing as individuals and families. They are a great resource for families looking to transition their household to plant-based as they have lived through transitioning their young children from picky palettes to plants.

These guys are a wealth of information and will help you keep your finger on the pulse of high-quality living. Thank you for tuning in and supporting the show. This is a 100% listener supported podcast and we are grateful to all who have pledged their support through Patreon.com/yogitriathlete.



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Episode 148 Show Notes:

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