Episode 411: Women’s Wellness Series Part Three With Coaches Melissa and Jess

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Coaches Jess and Melissa are back with the third and final episode in their Women’s Wellness Series.

Jess, Mindset and Wellness coach for YogiTriathlete, has practiced and educated others on the ancient sciences of yoga (the mind) and ayurveda (optimal health) for decades. Melissa, Herbalist and Triathlon/Running Coach for Team YogiTriathlete, trains and races while supporting herself and her athletes with herbal medicine and wellness practices.

Their inspiration to begin this series was to serve and spread the good word about what remains a mystery on a mass level. Many have lived decades navigating hormonal imbalances, cramps, cycles, and symptoms without a community, but now we have one. These episodes are important for women and their partners to better understand the full scope of the feminine entity.

Today, based on feedback and some questions, the coaches dive in a bit more on the cycle from an Ayurvedic standpoint and also talk about support throughout the decades of our lives.

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In this episode:

  • What I wish I knew
  • Menopause – never too late or too early to embrace
  • Melissa’s going the seed route for her garden this year
  • Nighttime elixir
  • How to best support the phases of life
  • Oat straw benefits
  • Pitta phase: stress relief and rejuvenation
  • Making tea in a French Press with herbs
  • Vata phase: making the most of change
  • Salty vs. sweet tastes in the phases
  • Benefits of Ginseng
  • Later phases of life: relish and rebirth, grace
  • Raspberry infusions loaded with minerals
  • Ginger and turmeric to get your flo moving
  • Lions Mane benefits
  • Kapha dosha – slow-moving and heavy
  • Is napping for Kapha good?
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Importance of high-intensity work

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Episode 411 Show Notes:

Herbal Medicine with Melissa Ganz

Ashwagandha Milk Elixir this recipe is on Patreon and available for free and paid members

Mountain Rose Herbs

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