Run Coaching

“After stepping away from endurance sports due to an Epstein Barr episode that left me exhausted all the time, nauseous, and stressed, I decided if I was going to pick another race, I was going to do it the right way. I could cry thinking about how happy I am to have met Liz and the YogiTriathlete team. I feel stronger and more balanced than ever before.” – Claire

Being on Team YogiTriathlete means that you will be held accountable and supported every step of the way. You will be challenged and encouraged to deepen your curiosity around what may be holding you back. And you will be a part of a very powerful community of athletes who move mountains on a daily basis.

Team YT athletes have contact with their coach through text, scheduled calls, and email. All athletes are encouraged to join Team YT’s Facebook community for BJ’s Monday morning live, and weekly coaches chat on Fridays. Also, the team receives special offers through YT partnerships.

Run coaching starts at $175/month. We accept payment via Zelle and PayPal.

YT run coaches:

Melissa – running coach & herbalist
$175/month – you can use Zelle or auto-debit with PayPal

Melissa is a nature-loving certified herbalist, triathlete, and long-distance runner. She has been an avid runner for 10 + years, with more recently focusing on marathon, ultra, and Olympic to 70.3 triathlon
distances. Melissa’s coaching surrounds running in addition to strength training, cross-training, mobility, and herbal medicine support. She is focused on whole-body wellness and can offer her athletes the option to incorporate herbs into their training program for optimal human performance.

Liz – running & meditation coach
$175/month – not currently taking on new athletes

Running on Venti is a seeker who loves adventure. She has been lacing up her running shoes for over 40 years and has been known to challenge her limits and go beyond that edge. Liz’s coaching is run-focused but includes supportive workouts such as yoga, meditation, and non-specific cross-training. Liz is the “more than a running coach” running coach. Currently, Liz’s roster is full, but as soon as there is an opening, we will update here.

Daniel – triathlon & running coach
$250/month – you can use Zelle or auto-debit with PayPal

Daniel stumbled into the endurance sports arena after losing his mother to an undiagnosed heart condition. He has completed 50+ endurance events. He is a 23x Ironman and Ironman 70.3 finisher. Daniel is an Ironman Certified Coach, and he is passionate about and takes pride in guiding athletes one-on-one through the highs and lows of training and racing. Daniel is also a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach, certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies, and the founder of the Vegan Lifestyle Brand Vegan Powered Athlete (VPA) and Team VPA.