Run Coaching

“After stepping away from endurance sports due to an Epstein Barr episode that left me exhausted all the time, nauseous, and stressed, I decided if I was going to pick another race, I was going to do it the right way. I could cry thinking about how happy I am to have met Liz and the YogiTriathlete team. I feel stronger and more balanced than ever before.” – Claire

Being on Team YogiTriathlete means that you will be held accountable and supported every step of the way. You will be challenged and encouraged to deepen your curiosity around what may be holding you back. And you will be a part of a very powerful community of athletes who move mountains on a daily basis.

Run coaching $175/month includes:
– custom training for running
– supportive workouts: yoga, meditation, non-specific cross-training as applicable
– contact with your coach through text, scheduled calls, email (times/days determined by coach)
– coaches LIVE and other chats on Team YogiTriathlete FB page
– special offers through team partners and all else that you will discover and grow from just being a part of this amazing team.

About our run coach:
Coach Liz (aka Running on Venti) is a seeker who loves adventure. She has been lacing up her running shoes for over 40 years and has been known to challenge her limits and go beyond that edge.

Every step and mile that Coach Liz has run has brought her here. She has been coaching adult athletes for over 5 years, from those who want to be able to run a mile to the marathon and beyond. She has also been an Assistant Running Coach at Parker Charter School in MA for over 5 years. She coaches all 3 seasons which include XC, Indoor and Outdoor Track. She loves sharing her #lizdom with not only her adult athletes but with the kids she coaches. Those who know her are not surprised she is a coach. It’s where she feels most aligned.

Most days you can find Coach Liz managing her training and her multi-passionate life outside of Boston, MA with her husband and 2 daughters, 2 goldies Thor & GG, and 2 cats.

Monthly Payment: $175/mo
) If your bank offers Zelle, this is the preferred method. If so, please set up a recurring payment of $300 each month to YogiTriathlete LLC / ph: 858-688-7011.
2) If Zelle is not an option, please use the link below to set up your monthly payment via PayPal: