“Your story is truly amazing, the person you have become and the way you’ve reached where you are today is amazing. Life is so crazy all the time it feels like, and no one ever talks about what you spoke about. I really love how you spoke and what you spoke about I have been thinking about it every since.” – Chelsea

BJ and Jessica have given talks all over the country, on topics ranging from the benefits of mindfulness to getting started with plant-based eating. They’re dynamic speakers with relatable stories and a passion for what they do.


Intro to Mindfulness: The Simplest Thing You’ve Ever Done

It only takes an instant to become mindful. Science continues to show us the full spectrum of health benefits to adopting a mindfulness practice yet our society continues to run in the other direction. Mindfulness will awaken you to your own blind spots and by its nature create more room for compassion in your life while significantly reducing stress levels.


Intro to Plant Based Eating: Food is Medicine or Poison

Through this talk you will be introduced to the look, feel and inherent ease of a plant-­based lifestyle. BJ and Jess will dive into the evolution of our current food system, the state of health in America and the impact of the Standard American Diet on the environment. They will also cover the basics of food combining, the importance of eating certain foods organic, mindful eating and address the FAQs of eating a whole foods plant­-based diet. Overall, you will leave with a better understanding of how eating more plant-­based whole foods can have a significant impact on your vitality, performance and zest for life.


Mindfulness In the Workplace – Stress: Taming the Tiger

Staying alive in the wild, gathering, hunting and being the hunted, were all regular occurrences back when we were battling daily for survival. Today, we experience those same survival instincts although now, it’s in response to a voicemail alert or a tight deadline. Workplace stress, the modern day plague to productivity and health in our nation, causes the same internal chaos.

Bringing mindfulness into the workplace will break this cycle in an instant and allow for the opportunity to begin again. Cultivating a mindful work environment is the secret weapon for any company looking to empower employees, create a true team environment and reach the lofty goals of modern day business. Jess delivers an enlightening discussion on how to bring mindfulness into your life and shares simple tools that will bring about great change from the moment of implementation.


Mindfulness in the Workplace – Love Your Lunch: Hour of Power

Love your Lunch is the ultimate hour of power to promote worker well-being and shift outlooks on the day. This mini-retreat includes a 30-minute mindfulness-based introductory yoga class followed by a green smoothie demonstration for all to enjoy and to recharge the mind and body. BJ and Jess will open up discussion on subjects for healthy living like nutrition, self-care and how to navigate stress in the workplace. Everyone in the group will leave with tools to reduce stress, tips to increase mindfulness and the real-time benefits of vibrant health in their bellies.