“We don’t want to be like everyone else. We want to be waking up and shaking up the world” – Coach BJ


Most triathletes would agree that on race day, the bulk of your challenges are not physical but mental in nature. You can get your body ready to swim, bike and run but the real question: will your mind be ready for whatever you might encounter when it’s just you and your thoughts on the race course?


Athletes like to think they don’t need yoga. If they’re not sweating or increasing their heart rate, they don’t consider it a workout and would rather not waste their time. But yoga has many benefits for athletes, including increasing your flexibility, which in turn, keeps your muscles and joints safe.


Preparation of colorful simple combinations can be as quick and inexpensive as they are tasty. Science continues to show that eating a plant-based diet can arrest and reverse the leading causes of death including heart disease, stroke, hypertension, and diabetes.


Whether you’re training for your first half-marathon or your twentieth marathon, BJ can help you achieve your race goals. He creates customized training plans, provides race day strategy and is a constant motivator. Running a smart race calls for smart training, proper nutrition and the right support.


Mindfulness is one of those things that sounds easy and yet can be difficult to put into practice. All you need to do is sit in silence and breathe. Yet, with every passing day, more and more studies come out extolling the benefits of mindfulness, helping with everything from the physical (like lowering cholesterol and blood pressure) to the mental (increasing compassion, focus and decision-making skills).


Strength training is the key to ensuring that you remain injury-free and that you are strong enough to go the distance. Whether you’re running or swimming or biking, you can enhance your performance by building a solid foundation through a consistent regimen of strength training. But have no fear because YogiTriathlete is here to help you do just that.