“We don’t want to be like everyone else. We are here to wake up and shake up the world of endurance sports”

– BJ Gumkowski, YogiTriathlete Co-Founder and Head Coach


Most triathletes would agree that on race day, the bulk of your challenges are not physical but mental in nature. You can get your body ready to swim, bike and run but the real question: will your mind be ready for whatever you might encounter when it’s just you and your thoughts on the race course?


Do you love running? Love setting a running goal? Love having guidance along the way? Let’s do more of what you love. Our coaches are ready to set you up to master your running dreams.


We believe that a high vibrational diet is the most supportive way to eat for top performance in sport and life. But it’s not just what we eat, it’s how we eat. And, did you know, that just because broccoli is a vegetable filled with phytonutrients, it doesn’t mean that it’s actually nourishing for your unique system?


We’ve always been fans of having a good pit crew, and this is a chance to have Jess and BJ work together as a team or individually to support your overall health and wellness. There are countless ways this coaching relationship can look, and it’s designed to evolve over time for your highest level of health and joy.


Every human being holds the inherent right and capability to be the master of their mind. Train your mind, change your life.


Most people are masters of the hustle. We know how to go, go, go, and in the learning of our fast-paced world, we have significantly lost our ability to be. It is becoming increasingly critical to take respite from the outside world and retreat back into who you are.