Episode 414: IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside Smackdown with Coaches BJ and Jennifer

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Welcome to the first race smackdown of 2024, and it’s not to be missed! Today, we bring together the minds and muscles of YT head coach BJ and Finding Endurance coach Jennifer, both of whom smashed the course while remaining focused on their bigger goal of IRONMAN Texas at the end of April.

This race is a YT favorite, just a few miles down the road from YogiTriathlete headquarters in Carlsbad. Thank you to everyone in the community who introduced yourselves, attended Jess and BJ’s breath-focused workshop, and cheered on the YTs on the course this year. We’ll be back in 2025 and invite you to join us in training and racing for the year to come.

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In this episode:

  • Jennifer’s first Oceanside 70.3
  • BJ’s 4th go at the race
  • Prep for cold temperatures
  • Success or sabotage
  • Pro Tips
  • Getting a slot to IMWC Nice, France
  • How to make a bike go fast
  • Pack cycling in non-drafting races
  • When the legs don’t show up
  • Feel it, let it go, focus
  • Fastest run split in 13 years
  • Nutrition break down
  • Risking more in Texas
  • What else is possible
  • Time to play and time to be serious
  • Join us in 2025 at IRONMAN Oceanside 70.3

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