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A plant-based diet, which is low in saturated fat and free of cholesterol, helps improve blood viscosity or thickness. That helps more oxygen reach the muscles, which improves athletic performance. – “Six Reasons Athletes Are Running Toward a Vegan Diet” by PCRM President, Neal Barnard, MD, FACC 

It is a long-perpetuated myth, especially among athletes, that we must eat animal products to get our protein and calcium to be strong. A well-balanced whole foods plant-based diet will provide all of the nutrients needed to live a powerful, healthful life.

Join Chef Lynda in the Awake Kitchen,
she is available for one on one sessions.

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1st session: 60-minute coaching call $199.
Includes a 7-day plant-based meal plan plus a review of your health history, and food log. During this call, we will identify strengths and weaknesses and together-set attainable goals.


Follow-Up Sessions: 60-minute coaching call for $99 or purchase a pack of 3 for $225.

During this coaching call, we will answer any questions and discuss training, meal plan, and goals. Together we will create behavioral goals for you to work on for your next session.



About Chef Lynda:

Lynda Layng Tama is a whole food plant-based chef, recipe developer, food editor, and certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Passionate about whole food plant-based nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness.

Lynda’s has been in the vegan publishing and recipe development space for over ten years. And has had the pleasure of working on cookbooks, such as The Plant-Powered Way by Rich Roll & Julie Piatt, Self Magazine Drop 10 Cookbook, Dining at the Ravens, treasured recipes from The Stanford Inn Vegan Resort, and The YogiTriathlete Cookbook. Her most recent work includes No Meat Athlete, Health Made Simple Meal Plan, and Mississippi Vegan’s YouTube Cooking Channel and website.

Questions for Lynda? Email her here.



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