Episode 413: Dreams to Reality – First Year Pros Caroline Kaplan and Mitch Ott

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We’ve got first-year professional triathletes and power couple Mitch Ott and Caroline Kaplan on the show today. These two have big dreams and are committed to making them a reality.

BJ found their YouTube channel Rise and Tri a few months ago, and has been following since. Their honest accounts, relationship nuances, and dedication to training are all on display as they share generously about what it looks and feels like to be burgeoning professionals in the fast-changing landscape of triathlon.

Sometime during their successful 2023 racing year, which included Caroline’s win at the USAT Long Course Triathlon National Championship at Clash Daytona and Mitch’s second-place podium finish, which he earned by breaking the 4-hour barrier, they decided that 2024 was the year to take the leap.

Jess and BJ dive into their progression from age group to pro and their grand visions for the future. We hope you enjoy the show and give Caroline, Mitch, and Rise and Tri a follow to help increase their exposure in the world of professional triathlon.

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In this episode:

  • new pursuit excitement
  • moving from age group to professional
  • volume & intensity increase
  • recovery challenges
  • focus on nutrition
  • listening to how you feel
  • staying calm when pushing efforts
  • favorite swim sets
  • exploring a new life
  • Working Triathlete
  • bringing out the best in each other
  • professional dreams
  • making decisions that don’t make sense to others
  • planting seeds of belief

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Episode 413 Show Notes:

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Caroline Instagram | Mitch Instagram

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