You can go online and get a training program that will physically prepare you for just about any event that you want to participate in. Most of those programs work. But eventually you will face a real challenge and when you do, you will need a coach, a fellow athlete, with experience to support you. I am lucky to have Brian and all of the people in his universe there to support me and my goals.” – Shawn



Now you can have access to Head Coach BJ at your fingertips anytime. Through one-on-one sessions, no matter where you are on this globe, BJ can assist you in becoming your highest performing self while providing feedback and answers to all your questions relating to triathlon. Examples: a review of your current training plan, direction when you’re feeling lost, video swim analysis and race day nutrition just to name a few. Contact us directly to set up your session.

Most triathletes would agree that on race day, the bulk of your challenges are not physical but mental in nature. You can get your body ready to swim, bike and run but the real question: will your mind be ready for whatever you might encounter when it’s just you and your thoughts on the race course?

BJ and Jess have over 20 years combined experience in racing triathlon. When you train with YogiTriathlete you benefit from all that knowledge. You get customized coaching, a training plan personally designed for you and unlimited access to BJ. He’s available to answer any of your questions about individual workouts or general training and most importantly, will provide you with specific race day strategy to help you achieve your potential when it matters the most. You will also have access to Jess’s knowledge and experience. A board certified massage therapist with an advanced certificate in orthopedic and sports massage Jess has been working with athletes for over a decade. She not only knows the mind, she knows the body. You will also get sweet discounts on additional YT services.

“BJ’s coaching is multifaceted but what I love the most about him is his energy. He’s genuinely enthusiastic about your progress and accomplishments. He’s bright and positive and a pleasure to work with. I can’t imagine not training with him in some form for the long haul.” – Jen

Being a YT triathlete means being part of a tribe of people dedicated to riding the high vibe and tapping into their inner badass. No matter where you’re starting – if you’ve never done a triathlon before or you’ve been racing for years – BJ and Jess can help you to go farther, faster and accomplish what you thought was impossible.