Podcast 99: Ian Myers on Losing 75 Pounds, Adding One Good Thing A Day and Intermittent Fasting

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Through his lifestyle choices, Ian Myers was silently led to the doorstep of disease with a life sentence of medication while still in his twenties. Perscriptions for high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes were the answer said his doctor but Ian refused. With great resolve on account of his ill reality, Ian went to work on educating himself back to health.

Learning about the healing benefits of plants and the power of detoxifying the body, Ian packed up and moved west to Denver from Atlanta. Away from his friends and party time lifestyle, he set off on a solo mission to transform his life. From scratch he found his way, taking small steps. At first, he gave up nothing but simply added in one fresh juice a day. Within three months he felt a profound change in the way that he felt.

From there he continued to uplevel his vibe until all signs of his previous lifestyle fell away. Ian lost 75lbs in the course of a year and completely rebuilt himself into the lean, plant muscle machine that he is today. Ian is now dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience to assist others in raising their level of health. He teaches and empowers people with the necessary tools to live a healthy lifestyle and maximize their human potential through plant-based eating, exercise and developing a healthy balanced mindset.

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