Podcast 98: Ask the YTs on Living on the Edge, Ironman Specific Workouts and Training Fatigue

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We kick off our March installment of Ask the YTs with a bird’s eye view of where we are with YogiTriathlete. In short, we are living on the razor’s edge of everything we believe she is meant to be and total annihilation. For us, this feels normal, our mind training is on point and our hearts are fully in the game.

This is the last week of our Save the YTP March campaign so if it is placed on your heart please become a patron today. We believe that this podcast is to continue and so we are holding that intention deep in our hearts. The emails we receive from our listeners and conversations that we have with our local community is telling us that the stories we share are making a positive difference in the lives of many.

Our mission at YogiTriathlete is to create a better world. Through this podcast, we create more connection so that no one ever has to feel alone again. Our guests share their stories openly and they are so generous to dive deeper as we ask the “how” behind their healing. I believe the YogiTriathlete podcast is just beginning to come into her own at two years old and we trust fully in the plan for her future.

BJ and I share a bit about our training as we get ready for our first races of the season. Right now we are in the thick of it, I’m four weeks out from my first ultra of 2018 and BJ is less than two weeks out from Oceanside 70.3 although his eye is focused strongly on Ironman Santa Rosa in May.

If you are coming into town for Oceanside 70.3, BJ and I will be giving a talk on Mindfulness for Athletes at Endurance House on Friday, April 6th 8:30 am. The event is free and open to athletes, community members and family.

We finish up our episode today with listener questions on how to discern when fatigue is healthy and when it means we need a break as well as tips for running in the spring when it’s still snowing!

Thank you, everyone, for your support of the show, we feel your love and we send it right back to you. The link to become a Patreon supporter is below, we thank you in advance for your contribution to keep this medium of connection in flow.



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Episode 98 Show Notes:

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