Episode 259: Oh Show – Why Arguing Doesn’t Work And The Effects of Fasting on Training

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For five years, this podcast has shined a light on people who are looking, finding, and living their purpose. Once per month for those five years, BJ and I have taken over the mics to share the awake and ready recipe for life. The introduction of the OHShow just a few months ago invited you all in a bit deeper as we all grow into higher states of mental and physical health.

Thank you for your questions and the generosity of your time to listen. We are on a mission to create a better world, and it starts with each of us turning inward in search of our excellence.

Racing is back, and we’re excited to be heading off to Ironman 70.3 St. George this week. We have several YogiTriathlete athletes racing and looking forward to seeing many faces from this community. Coach BJ is racing, and I will be spectating all over the course.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • YTP 5-year anniversary
  • not staying safe is actually safe
  • earning the tasty workouts
  • the time we took on Trivial Pursuit
  • swimming in the weeds
  • when negativity ignites
  • eating for pleasure vs purpose
  • how fasting affected our training
  • favorite snacks
  • taking a selfie of your mental state
  • Awake Athlete podcast season two is here

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