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YTP #1: Ride The High Vibe Tour Announced

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Podcast #1 – Ride The High Vibe Tour

Living in alignment with our true nature and path requires us to jump and take leaps of faith. This first episode of the YTP is an example of how we are jumping these days. After years of people asking us and telling us to start a podcast the timing was finally aligned. We hope you enjoy our conversation and want your feedback, please post a comment below.  We want to make this as great as it can be, send us your questions and topics that you would like discussed in future episodes.

In this installment, I am joined by my husband BJ and we reveal some big news that we believe will not only change our lives but the lives of many. Unlike most decision-making and change, this was not born from a pro-con list or weighing options. The initial inspiration and vision was downloaded to me during a meditation with an unquestionable sense of knowing that this is exactly what we were supposed to do. And so now we embark on the journey of a lifetime steeped in service and community, involving great risk and extreme faith that we are practicing every single day.

Tuning into our intuitive voice and making decisions based on alignment not fear, is how we can move from indecision to greater understanding of our individual paths. Through mindfulness practices whether that is in meditation, a traffic jam or during a training run, we can gain ground in trusting our higher mind where the intuitive voice finds its home. It also helps us not miss our life or a potent moment when a directional shift in our path presents itself. Our experience is that when we are living in alignment, in our sport, profession and life in general, we are in flow and possibilities appear endless. When we are off our path we find resistance and impatience. This is not to say that living in alignment is easy. Simple, yes. Easy, no. Living a mindful life takes courage to see the truth in every moment, bravery to move forward when we want to cower and by all means, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. I see so clearly now that all of our years as triathletes and all of the Ironman races we’ve completed and all of the endurance training has led us right up to this moment, right now.  We are on the precipice of a major life change and seek comfort in knowing that you’ll be with us every step of the way.

We have set up a GoFundMe page in response to many people are asking us how to support the tour. Right now, we are funding it ourselves but making a donation will help us stay on the road and reach more people. You can also support us by spreading the word, sharing the podcast with a friend and following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Help us create greater energy around this mission and raise the vibe of our nation!

The RTHVT is steeped in love and we trust that we will be supported because we are aligned with our unique purpose. Finding out what we love in this life is so key to living in balance with our heart’s blueprint. What is it that you love and does it scare you?  This is not by happenstance, it is your gift and we are all here to share our gifts. No matter your life circumstance, do something little every single day to create momentum around living what you love and never give up. Look for what is crowding out your dreams. Is everything you have, truly everything you need? Are there extras and things anchoring from forward motion. What are you hanging on to and why are you hanging on? Getting to the route of our attachment is the gateway to our freedom and ability to jump when called.

Thank you for tuning in – we are so grateful for your support.

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