Mindset Training

“I initially started working with Jess on mind training while preparing to race in the 2019 Ultraman Canada. The impact on my training and racing blew my mind. Our work together played a major role in my success there, and it stoked my desire to enhance all aspects of my life through mediation and mindfulness. Jess is now helping me to develop practices that are moving me closer to the life I want — one consciously created through choices made from calm.” – Kat, Ultraman Champion

Athletes are tailor-made to train their mind because they already have the discipline it takes to succeed. Most athletes just don’t know where to begin or what even constitutes “true” mental training.

In her coaching, Jess combines evidence-based material science and quantum physics with the ancient yogic science of the mind. The foundation of the mindset training she provides is meditation and it’s tailored to each individual athlete. She is the creator of the Awake Athlete podcast and Awake Athlete Patreon community which engages athletes and supports the messages of her coaching.

She has worked with Olympic hopefuls, Ironman World Championship qualifiers, Ultraman champions, professional athletes, politicians, professional executives, and newbie athletes. She is training the minds of high-performers all over the globe.

To work with Jess means you will adopt a regular meditation practice. Meditation can reduce stress levels, which is key if you’re pushing yourself in training and even more important to help with those race-day jitters. Athletes who meditate report better sleep, better recovery times, and an enhanced immune system. Meditation has also been proven to aid in coping with pain and dealing with fear, two concepts that can hold you back in accomplishing your training goals.

Jess has been on both sides of the spectrum. Once chronically stressed and overwhelmed, she credits mindset training and meditation for transforming everything about her life including performance in sport. She skillfully articulates the teachings in a manner that is easily understood and applicable for modern-day living.

Jess conducts mindset coaching through a number of online mediums, namely Zoom, and works within many time zones national and international.