Mindset Coaching

“I initially started working with Jess on mind training while preparing to race in the 2019 Ultraman Canada. The impact on my training and racing blew my mind. Our work together played a major role in my success there, and it stoked my desire to enhance all aspects of my life through mediation and mindfulness. Jess is now helping me to develop practices that are moving me closer to the life I want — one consciously created through choices made from calm.” – Kat, Ultraman Champion

Mental training is the cornerstone of athletic success, providing a strategic advantage beyond physical prowess.

It cultivates resilience, focus, and confidence, enabling athletes to navigate pressure, overcome setbacks, and optimize performance. Elevate your game by investing in the power of a strong and disciplined mindset.

Stepping into mindset coaching with YogiTriathlete means you’ll be working with co-founder and mindset coach Jess Gumkowski.

Jess has worked with Olympic hopefuls, Ironman World Championship qualifiers, Ultraman champions, professional athletes, politicians, professional executives, and newbie athletes. She’s been assisting athletes in mind/body health and wellness for two decades.

She combines evidence-based material science and quantum physics with the ancient yogic science of the mind. She is the creator of Awake Athlete, its corresponding podcast, and author of Awake Athlete: When Mastery Is Your Only Option




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Package of Four: $400 – Zelle or purchase via PayPal
Single Session: $115 – Zelle or purchase via PayPal

Package of Four: $600 – Zelle or purchase via PayPal (90-minutes)
Single Session: $170 – Zelle or purchase via PayPal (90-minutes)

Let’s work on a monthly basis: $350/month includes up to four sessions per month with a three-month commitment Zelle to yogitriathlete@gmail.com or purchase via PayPal.

On-location yoga: $195 for up to a 90-minute class; travel may be additional. Perfect for training camps, events, friends or family, etc.

*All you need is a strong internet connection and your mat.