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“My training, racing, and relationships are improving rapidly. This is it! Finally, I have found the answers.”

Awake Athlete is YOU

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The Awake Athlete Podcast is a short form exploration of life perspectives from a 10,000-foot view. An all-encompassing offering of time-tested knowledge, techniques, and practices that allow for more ease along the path of athletic performance while creating a beneficial effect on the entirety of this life experience.

Through the knowledge that she has gained from years of study and training, Jess Gumkowski, endurance athlete, and mindset coach shares commonsensical ancient wisdom that leads to a mental fitness level that can change the world. This podcast is for athletes who are ready to open their minds and welcome in their greatness. It is for coaches who are curious about expanded viewpoints from which to guide their athletes to their highest performance level.

Awake Athlete is more than a podcast; it is a way of living that is by its nature, as easeful as it is powerful. This seasonal offering will support athletes and coaches who, like Jess, view mastery as the only option in this life.

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