Podcast 204: Matt McElroy, Vegan Professional Triathlete on Training the Mind and Taking the Win

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Two years ago, on this podcast, professional triathlete Matt McElroy claimed that he was ready to make a statement. At the time, he was still a newbie on the International Triathlon Union race circuit, and he knew that he had a lot to learn.

Like every good student, Matt sought to be his best by staying open to knowledge and experience. Everyone who has followed Matt’s career since our interview with him in 2017 has watched this guy consistently “find a way” to get the work done. It is clear to us that Matt is an example of what it looks like to live your purpose.

Those who walk this path know that purpose does not come without challenge, and Matt is not immune to this truth. The 2019 season was arguably his most contrasting with a historic podium finish, hat-trick of wins, broken bones, and curbside tears. Matt has made a statement for sure, but according to him, there’s still about 85% more to unleash.

Matt is competitive and passionate about his career. He is also the first to admit that he has a life beyond triathlon. Matt is an avid surfer and family man with deep roots to his home and friends in Southern California. He knows how to disconnect from his work life, and since beginning a meditation practice, he is also learning to detach from his thoughts. Matt is hot on the mindset train, and we know that just like everything else, he will be relentless in his pursuit of mastery.

We are so excited to launch this conversation into the world. We are thankful to our amazing guests like Matt, who show up with a generosity to share their life with this community. We are grateful for each one of you who supports this podcast each week, and if you find that it’s making a positive impact in your life, consider becoming a Patreon supporter today.

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