Episode 425: Endurance Sports Roundtable with YOGITRIATHLETE Coaches

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It’s been a minute since the coaches came together for a chat, and so here they are—Master Coach BJ, Triathlon/Run Coach Melissa, and Mindset/Adventure Leader Jess. They dive deep into the mindset of athletes, of course, but also the ins and outs of training and racing to equal a successful lifestyle, which YogiTriathlete is founded on: the endurance sports lifestyle of swim, bike, run, mindset.

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In this episode:

  • what the coaches are excited about right now with their athletes
  • struggling with morning workouts
    changing your relationship to sleep
  • beliefs are powerful
  • performance on lack of sleep
  • mindset is the biggest factor in the achievement of your goal
  • celebrating some amazing athlete moments
  • Melissa quit her full time job and has embraced her creative side
  • ideal athletes for our coaching style
  • staying flexible and fluid
  • rewiring the brain to keep moving forward
  • yoga teaches you to relax into the intensity of workouts and life
  • Bj’s love of progression runs
  • Melissa loves 5x1km off the bike
  • upcoming First-timers at Ironman Arizona
  • breaking 5 hours at Oregon for Melissa
  • going beyond in training for a shorter race builds confidence

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Episode 425 Show Notes:

Rhode Island One-Day Retreat – August 4, 2024

Women’s Wellness Adventure – Sedona, AZ November 8-11, 2024

Patagonia Yoga Adventure – February 15-22, 2025

Galapagos Yoga Adventure – April 26-May 3, 2025

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