Podcast 145: Wendy Garafalo on Healing the Gut to Change the Brain and Loving What Is.

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When we wish for another Now we send a message to the universe that the moment of life we are being gifted isn’t good enough. We are denying our connection to Source energy and actively diminishing our trust in the energy that creates worlds. This energy and divinity that we are pushing against is the very same essence of our Higher Self, the one that came here on purpose to heal wounds, learn lessons and grow exponentially. This entire life experience that we all share is for us. Everything that unfolds throughout our life is for our highest and best expression. When we practice embracing all that comes our way we emerge as teachers and guides that empower others to find the very same. As a bonus, riding the waves of life becomes a smoother cruise.

Wendy Garafalo is one of these guides here on earth. Through the life-shifting diagnosis of her son Luca, Wendy has risen up as a teacher in the realm of Autism. We first shared Wendy’s story in July of 2017, episode 61, and today we bring her back to the YT community to catch us up on the amazing work she’s been contributing to the world. She has immersed herself into Luca’s world and through this, opened herself up to educate others, change statistics and lighten the fear for other Autism families as well as Luca’s schoolmates.

Wendy is a warrior who continues to follow her heart into the expansion of her work through her inspired business EVOL. As she remains on the leading edge to share the knowledge she has gained, she holds a beginner’s mind of life-long learning. Now that Luca is more independent she is moving beyond her obvious reach into a mission to guide others to simply loving what is.

There are people and experiences that show up as being so obvious to BJ and I as the very reasons why we were called to uplift our secure life to move across the county, Wendy is so clearly one of those reasons. We are grateful to hold the space to share her story across the globe through this medium of connection. Thank you for tuning in and please take advantage of Wendy’s generous offer to save 30% on all EVOL merch through February 28, 2019. Start shopping, use YOGITRIATHLETE at check out and share the love – SHOP HERE.



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Episode 145 Show Notes:

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