Podcast 129: Ask the YTs on Training Specificity, The Best Diet and Race History as Preparation

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Many small wins every day add up to your greatest success in life. These wins are as simple as catching yourself going down a road of negativity and self-doubt and they may be as obvious as crossing the finish line first. Wins come in many different forms, it’s realizing that none are better than the other that levels the playing field. For every win, we find a deeper alignment with ourselves and become more skillful on our epic journies in this school of life.

Diet, training, race execution and everything else that we go after in this life, it’s imperative to our success to celebrate all of the victories along the way. We do not live in a society that fosters the inner Self. We are constantly barraged with messages of needing more which creates a self-identification with the concept of lack. This identification leads to beliefs that we need more information to make a decision, more training to go the distance and more than what we have before we can get started. When in truth, we already have everything we need including a self-contained feedback system that consistently directs us into alignment with our fullest expression in this life.

I would say that alignment is the basis of our conversation today as we take listener questions on diet and nutrition, training and racing. BJ and I give updates on our own training as I am now in the specificity window of my third ultramarathon of the year and BJ is entering his 5th week of self-imposed bike camp.

We appreciate the listen and we are grateful to be the stewards of this listener support podcast. We are all a part of the mission to spread the message of purpose through the YTP and we can’t imagine a better crew to team up with than all of you.


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Episode 129 Show Notes:

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