Podcast 83: Maryann Lekas, Part II on The Long Dark Journey to Love

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The power of love equals the power to heal and it holds the key to our freedom yet so many of us live in a place of lack when it comes to our receptivity of love. In part two of our conversation with guest, Maryann Lekas we are shown just how dark one can go as a result of living within this lack.

We pick up where we left off last week with Maryann having just returned to the states after walking away from her Olympic dreams. Replacing her distaste for cycling with Bikram Yoga, Maryann finds herself back in San Diego in a new environment but with her same unhealthy tendencies. Shortly after coming back to California she sustains a rare injury that leads to the remarkable eight-year journey that she shares with us today. As she unveils her story, we find that it is marred by her inability to love herself.

In the years after her injury, while on a desperate quest to regain her health, she meets Tommy and falls in love in a way she never knew possible before. Though her love for Tommy was strong she was tortured every day by incessant negative thought patterns about their inevitable breakup and her unworthiness to receive such a beautiful partnership.

Maryan shares generously with us the intimate details of her injury, the secret life that she chose to live and her eventual waking up to, what I believe is the foundation of her “soul” purpose, learning to love herself. This is truly an exceptional story of how much one person can endure and that no matter how deep we go, there is always hope for a return to love.


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Episode 83 Show Notes:

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