Podcast 203: Pre-Season Run Smackdown for Triathlon, Trail and Road

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In this episode, we cap off our 3-part pre-season smackdown with a focused conversation on running. We recorded this podcast on March 11th, and I believe the words in the introduction are more relevant than ever. We are powerful beings, and we have free will. We can train our minds to consciously choose how to respond to the circumstances of life. We are in the midst of a call to awaken, and it’s more important than ever to act on the invitation to meditate and tame the mind. We are here to support this community so please let us know if you need guidance getting started with a personal practice.

With races canceled, pools closed, and an extended pre-season upon us, this is a great time to find new ways to stay active and healthy. For many of us right now, running and walking is our most accessible sport. It’s fertile ground to work on our belief systems around running and get creative with our training. We hope that this episode assists you in doing so for your health, your joy, your peace, and your contentment. If this global pandemic has shined a light on anything, it’s our inter-connectedness and our collective vibration.

Thank you so much for the fantastic questions. We dive into our love for double-runs, guidance on long runs leading into Ironman, safely up-leveling distance, and the power of walking to influence fitness gains. We hope to open you up to new perspectives, take what resonates and leave the rest. We are grateful for your support and always love to hear from you guys. So thank you for reaching out during this time; we surround you all in powerful, limitless, and all-knowing love.

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Episode 203 Show Notes

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