Episode 336: Ironman World Championship Smackdown with Coaches BJ and Jennifer

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Aloha from Kailua-Kona, where we recorded this smackdown the day after Coach BJ realized his dream to compete at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Jennifer Vollman joins us for this episode as she also fulfilled her Kona dream a few days before.

Jennifer is the co-founder of the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge, a life-transformational 5-day Costa Rica cycling experience in which BJ and I took part last May. She is also the founder of Finding Endurance coaching and the star of YTP 314, where we learned more about her background and discussed the cycling challenge with her Pura Vida partner Dan Casey.

Jennifer and BJ generously share about their big island race experiences, and we hope you take away many nuggets of gold for your training and racing. Thank you to those who sent in such wonderful questions, I can’t believe it, but we managed to hit them all!

In this episode we discuss:

  • calorie consumption
  • how do you know if you are fueling enough?
  • the importance of developing a sense of FEEL
  • Maui yoga & meditation retreat the week before Kona
  • “eh ho mai” mantra
  • gain or drain in the Energy Lab
  • training in a dry, desert climate for Kona
  • key training sessions for Kona
  • mental preparation for racing a championship
  • dig one big hold
  • challenging mental moments
  • train the ego 
  • most unexpected experience
  • Jennifer’s transition to a plant-based diet
  • crossing the finish line at IM World Championship
  • road to Kona
  • happy birthday, Jennifer!

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Episode 336 Show Notes:

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