Episode 314: Rolling Out With Jennifer Vollmann and Dan Casey On The Pura Vida Cycling Challenge

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If you don’t know already, we are all about following signals from the universe to go after big things in this life. Things that no doubt invite fear along for the ride since giant leaps take us into the unknown, you know, that place where all our possibilities live.

BJ and I were in that place right at the time of this interview as we were preparing to join our guests in Costa Rica for a multi-day cycling camp. Dan Casey and Jennifer Vollman are co-founders of the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge, the place where grit meets paradise.

Jennifer is an endurance coach, avid triathlete, and an Ironman world championship qualifier in recent years at the 70.3 and 140.6 distances. Dan is a former pro-triathlete and NCAA swimmer with many podiums and victories under his belt.

When BJ and I decided to join these guys for what we feel a bit more comfortable calling a cycling tour, we knew we wanted to get them on the show and share their beautiful souls with the community.

We hope you feel the gratitude, love, and joy shared in this conversation.

In this episode, we discuss.

  • Dan’s backstory as a triathlete/cyclist/swimmer
  • Through loss you gain perspective
  • Things that just don’t matter
  • Sharing fulfilling experiences
  • Importance of giving back to the community
  • Culture & community of Costa Rica
  • Jennifer’s journey to who she is today
  • Bringing mindfulness into sport
  • Keep going to find your thing
  • Living it to build out the cycling challenge
  • Artisans hand-painted gems as you ride through small towns
  • Sugar cane juice and the jungle lodge
  • Charity component of Pure Vida Cycling
  • Importance of cycling in the Costa Rica way of life
  • Day by day breakdown of challenge
  • Cycling in Costa Rica compared to Europe
  • Living in the possibilities of life
  • Cost to waiting
  • Facing fear to draw the power from within
  • Celebration of the experience on the last day



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