Podcast 79: Tawnee Gibson, Holistic Endurance Coach on Mindshifts and Transformations

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Looks can be deceiving. We all know this to be true and I wonder if we know this to be true because we’ve seen it play out in our own lives. Struggles experienced as a result of our human condition are quite similar if not exact in their essence. There is this an unseen and often untalked of pressure that we all experience to look a certain way, feel and act a certain way and it is through this unfocused lens that we create our story.

With the rise of social media, this has never been truer. Mr. Roarke summed it up perfectly every week on the 70’s hit show Fantasy Island when he said, “Smiles everyone, smiles”. As in a fantasy, we put on our smiles, take the shot and slide back into the reality of our lives. I’m not saying that every single look is deceiving or every smile is fake, I’m saying that we’ve all been guilty of posing our lives at one point or another.

Our guest today portrayed the fantasy like many of us do but after big wake up calls and years of healing, she now lives her life out loud. As a result, Tawnee Gibson has assisted many people to move into alignment with their health. Tawnee was a model, perfectionist, top age group triathlete and the first female to host an endurance sports podcast. She was “doing it all” and living the life, all the while she struggled on the inside. For many years, even Tawnee wasn’t fully aware of her struggles and the toll they were taking on her health. In fact, it took her a few rock bottom hits to wake up and take charge of her well-being.

In this episode, she shares her downside of the “go, go, go” lifestyle and how she learned to guide herself with a smart mind. She opens up about healing her relationship with food and how triathlon played a role. And most beautifully, she describes her journey to making peace with her health even if that meant sacrificing performance.

Tawnee is a Holistic Endurance and Health Coach specializing in working with female athletes suffering from amenorrhea, a condition where the menstrual cycle completely stops sometimes for years. In Tawnee’s case, over a decade. She is the host of Endurance Planet podcast, writer, and speaker committed to helping individuals find their best path to full spectrum health. These days Tawnee finds herself training for an entirely new endeavor and we hear all about it on this installment of the YTP.

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