Podcast 252: Holly Skodis on Choosing Vegan to Honor Ahimsa

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There are so many people in this world making powerful and positive impacts, and today we get to share the mic with one of those gorgeous beings.

Holly Skodis is a yogi who has studied the ancient science of yoga for the past two decades, a practice for living that typically begins on the mat but through repetitive practice has the power to transform the lives of its practitioners.

This is true for our story; as most of you know, YogiTriathlete was born during one of my quiet practices, and from what I know of Holly’s story, this type of intuitive directive rings true for her as well.

Holly is a yoga instructor, certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator, podcast host, and Yoga founder of Yoga is Vegan, a project focused on inspiring yogis to go vegan. This project started with a collection of articles from vegan yoga teachers and students sharing their perspectives on why Yoga is Vegan. Its latest evolution comes into form as a fundamental component of the upcoming Yoga Goes Vegan one-day virtual retreat on March 20th, which has been declared “meat out day” since 1976.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • weekly 24-hour water fasting
  • 16/8 intermittent fast
  • utilizing the fast to be a better animal advocate
  • the pure properties of a sattvic diet
  • journey to yoga and eating vegan
  • embracing ahimsa and letting go of dairy
  • burning up generational cycles
  • understanding the nuances of food
  • Yoga Goes Vegan, a one-day virtual retreat on 3/20/21

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