Podcast 211: Ask the YTs on Uncoupling the Punishing Mindset, Leg Turn-Over for Speed and Trail Technique

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Each of us came into this life to experience a unique journey, and there is no way to screw it up. Everything is unfolding for us and each circumstance of life is an opportunity to grow. When we fully embrace this perspective on life, we open ourselves to living our greatest expression, which is precisely what this world needs from us. Life is counting on each one of us to find out who we are and live that truth without abandon.

Although our essence is exact, our voice in this world is distinct. We came here on purpose, and we matter greatly to the whole. The path of awakening is an ever-morphing evolution, and it’s essential to allow ourselves to be ever-changing by releasing the fight to stay the same.

The mind is tricky as it wants to control everything. As we train the body, we should also train the mind. Mental training is not just a byproduct of a challenging workout; it is a disciplined practice that begins with paying attention. It is critical to celebrate our uniqueness, but this cannot happen until we can see what doesn’t serve our greater good. We cannot see what no longer helps us until we discipline ourselves to live from the present moment.

Today BJ and I dive into questions from the YT community. We dig into inquiries on uncoupling ourselves from a punishing mindset, the relationship of posture and pain, trail running technique, and quicker leg turn-over for increased speed. We address the mind, body and spirit because they all play a role in an athlete’s ability to be their best in training and racing. We hope you enjoy this episode and appreciate your help in creating this meaningful conversation for the world of endurance sports.

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