Podcast 177: Ask the YTs on Untold Stories, When to Keep Going and Cutting through the Clutter

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The journey of YogiTriathlete has been one of contrast. For BJ and I, the stewards of this amazing community, it’s shown us the way to our most significant moments of growth and joy. It’s been abundant and terrifying, blessed and isolating. It has required us to look deeply at the wounds we carried around and the stories that kept us living within limits. It has fed our fire to take risks and has caught us every single time we’ve lept in faith. We now believe that miracles are ordinary and by staying awake and ready for all the comes the way we continue to follow the force that is this collective.

Today we dive into questions that further reveal the journey that has landed us into today. This podcast has been one of our greatest teachers. It as consistently asked us to move out of our comfort zones to invite guests to be on the show and to redefine our relationship with rejection. There were several times that this show was on the verge of ending, and it was you guys that stepped us to say “keep going.”

Thank you to everyone who has supported the YTP through Patreon, your emails, and comments. We are grateful for it all, and as you will hear, no matter how intense life became neither BJ nor I would change a thing. We hope you enjoy and feel inspired to follow your heart, always.

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