Podcast 72: Goldyn Duffy on Taking on Summer Sober, True Abundance and Why Running is Not Meditation

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We all do it. We beat ourselves up. We hide our shame and guilt. We buy into and live out belief systems taught to us and learned along the way. We define, justify and make deals with ourselves to temper the feel of our ever-changing life situations.

We are conditioned to craft our lives around said belief systems and are given very little encouragement to question them. What this conditioned behavior equals is a life of following the herd and covering up the truth. Yet under it all, in the depths of who we are, a place closer to us than our breath sits a wise, all-knowing being waiting with open arms for us to return inward.

For those who feel the itch to stop conforming and the ones who can feel there simply must be more to life are experiencing the very opening ceremonies to a life divine. A life that is lived in a higher vibration and one in which all things miraculous feel within reach. It’s not a life in resistance of what is or frustration of what has transpired or fear of what will be but one of unwavering belief that abundance and joy are exactly what we are worthy of.

Now, that’s not to say that the journey getting there is easy or painless because the letting go of our belief systems and coping mechanisms are the very triggers that keep us from walking the warrior path. Letting go may feel unreasonable, not conforming to society may seem lonely and being neutral may appear to be the makings of a boring life when in fact the very opposite is true.

I believe today’s show will help thin the veil a bit if not lift it completely for those on the cusp. Goldyn is for sure living a life divine with all of its ups and downs but the difference between her and most people enrolled in this school of life is that she rides her rollercoaster close to her center. She has found, through her experiences and willingness to feel instead of cover-up that her fuel for an abundant life is found through neutrality. It is found through a place of watching and learning and witnessing herself within her process.

She brings a very needed addendum to the Law of Attraction that I feel is heavily missed in most messaging around this subject. We talk about money and the belief systems that must be dropped in order to let the energy of financial abundance to flow in. She helps us all understand more about the concept of abundance and it’s wide net of support. And we talk about her new relationship with alcohol, the reason we were brought together.

Earlier this year, Goldyn became one of the thousands of people participating in the online program, “One Year, No Beer”. Describing alcohol as the “abusive boyfriend” in her life she now has a new perspective that is leading her to make healthier choices, ones that are in alignment with how she wants to live her life.

We are so grateful that “One Year, No Beer” reached out to us and connected us with Goldyn. This conversation definitely warrants a re-listen or two or many because it’s one of those episodes where the wisdom bombs just keep coming.

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