Podcast 123: Adam Hill Triathlete & Coach from Drowning in Alcohol to the Pinnacle of Triathlon

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By our nature, we look for solutions to what ails us in life. For some, it is exercise. For some, it is drugs. For some, it is prayer and for some it is alcohol. We can look at those solutions and judge that some are better than others but the fact remains, the beholder of those actions is seeking a solution.

For Adam Hill, alcohol was his solution. It led him to a feeling of serenity. It hushed his anxiety and it appeared to be consequence free. It was perfect and he practiced it. His involvement with using alcohol as his solution deepened over time. It extended past college, past marriage and past having children. It stood the test of time and continued to appear to be consequence-free.

He managed it well. He created rules about when he could drink and when he couldn’t drink based on what he felt was best for his life and family. These rules kept everything in check until the time when the alcohol cried louder than the rules and one by one they began to break. The final rule to be broken was the one that declared, “I will never drink and drive”.

On a fate filled morning that started out with a desire to go surfing, Adam drank himself into an alcohol-induced blackout and got behind the wheel of his car. Thankfully this event ended in a non-fatal accident and arrest that served as the catalyst for Adam to change his life. Sitting in the jail cell facing a flurry of consequences, he knew that his solution had run its course. He knew he had to stand up to the results of his actions and take back charge of what alcohol had claimed.

Through triathlon and fitness, Adam transformed from what he describes as a “worthless alcoholic” to one of the top age-group triathletes in the world. Adam is a coach, a husband, a father, a triathlete and an example to all that there we are never too low to make change for the better.

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