Podcast 115: Ask the YTs on the Symphony of Balanced Nutrition and Mental Power on Healing Injury

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Information is at our fingertips everywhere we look. Phones, computers, televisions, newspapers, podcasts, music. These mediums all deliver information to us in an instant. It’s to a point now where I believe there is so much information that many people become overloaded and instead of finding answers they end up with more confusion. Data and information is a great place to start but we must also develop self-awareness to feel how that data and information resonates with our individual selves.

There is an infinite information bank within each one of us that is steeped in wisdom and knowing. It’s the part of us that will never steer us wrong and will always alert us when something is off kilter. It’s a reliable feedback system that works through our physical and mental bodies. It is our all-knowing selves and it is involved in all that we do. The trouble comes when we identify more with our thinking minds than our deep wisdom. This is where confusion arises and fear directs. This is why so many of us are struggling with nutrition and injury, two of the topics we dive into on today’s show. It’s the combination of data and information with robust intuitive guidance that is the recipe for success. We hope that you gain more clarity on this balance after listening to our conversation today.

Thank you YT community for all the amazing questions for this episode of Ask the YTs. We dive into nutrition, injury and reveal a bit of BJ’s race plans for the future. This is a power packed hour and we will continue the conversation in a few weeks.


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Episode 115 Show Notes:

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