Podcast 93: Matt McElroy on the Presence of Competition and Racing at the Top on Plants

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Growing up in Huntington Beach, California offered Matt McElroy a life of year-round outdoor activity. Inducted into his family’s surf legacy by his dad at the age of five allowed Matt to cultivate confident open water swim abilities at a young age. A vital skill set that, unbeknownst to him, would pay dividends later on in his career.

Six a.m. surf class and after school cross county bookended Matt’s high school days. Always a committed athlete his discipline and hard work led him to years of competitive surfing and a full ride to college for running. The decision to attend school in the midwest, however, left Matt in a full-on wrestling match with the dark night of his soul.

Following his heart and completely detaching from his running dreams, Matt chose happiness in the end. He finished up his college years in Flagstaff, Arizona and was opened up to a world greater than he could have imagined and Matt is living in that world today.

Training upwards of 26 hours per week as a professional triathlete and burning 5,000 – 6,000 calories a day, Matt is a machine of discipline, presence, and plants. Yes! That’s right, Matt is yet another super smart athlete who has transitioned to a plant-based diet for his performance, his health, and his world. He shares with us his process, how he is maintaining his caloric intake and most importantly how he is feeling since the switch.

Gold. Yes, there is so much of it in this conversation and we believe what is also the future of what will be hanging around this athlete’s neck. Matt believes in himself and he is 100% receptive to learning all of the time. This is what will allow him to continue to rise up in the ranks. His understanding that we are lifelong learners, that weaknesses are meant to be strengths and that we can always reach higher levels in life.

We are super stoked to be sharing this conversation today, thank you for your support of the show and our guests.

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