Episode 381: OH Show On The Book That Is Transforming Lives & What You Must Know To Race The Iron Distance

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So we may be biased, but this is really an awesome episode – don’t miss it!

As BJ and I open to the stream of infinite intelligence, the same one that is available to all of you, we continue to learn from the conversations we have. Awake Athlete is the perfect example, and I talk about the force that moved through me to realize the book, the podcast, and all of the teachings that continue to allow me and many others to grow and expand.

The second half of our conversation taps into BJ’s wealth of Ironman distance experience and coaching wisdom, so if you are 140.6, curious, stay to the very end.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • New Patreon tiers
  • The birth of Awake Athlete
  • Book club begins September 1st
  • Early feedback on the book
  • Book signing at Ironman Santa Cruz 70.3
  • Powerful excerpt from the book
  • BJs return to Ironman Lake Placid
  • Power of detachment
  • Limiting beliefs on racing Ironman
  • Breaking beliefs down
  • When to start training for an Ironman
  • Importance of working with a coach early in your Ironman journey
  • Building run fitness


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Episode 381 Show Notes:

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