Podcast 140: Scottie DeFillipis and Carrie Lester, Professional Triathletes and Power Couple LIVE from Canyon Bicycles

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Show up every day. Whatever it is that you are going after in life, show up every day to take the next step. We know this simple recipe works but simple does not always translate to easy. Every time we show up we create momentum in the universe for our life. Whether you are an age group athlete or professional, we are all subject to the human condition in which motivation waivers and belief in self will rise and fall like a kid on a trampoline. As we gain more experience from showing up, we gain confidence. The physical evidence shows up and we reap the fruits of our labor.

We know in order to reach our goals, we must face up to everything that challenges us and in this episode, we dive into the wisdom of two veteran professionals in the sport of triathlon. Carrie “Cazz” Lester and Scottie DeFilippis share their wisdom with the YT community as they open up about their differences as athletes, Scottie being the “trainer” and Carrie being the “racer”, tips for staying present and not getting caught up in the hype of the mind.

These two athletes have seen great success in their careers and are now methodically looking towards their future as athletes and coaches with Keep It Simple. We are grateful to YTP guest Jess Cerra for connecting us and to Canyon Bicycles for hosting such a great event for our communities to come together.



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Episode 140 Show Notes:

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