Podcast 205: Bryan Kest, creator of Power Yoga on the Greatest Addiction of our Life

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The goal of yoga is simple, to cease the fluctuations of the mind. To heal the mind virus that has so many people existing within loops of negative thought, doubt, and fear. Being fooled by the mind into believing there is no way out when the recipe to freedom is perhaps the most straightforward thing anyone could practice, and it starts with paying attention.

Simple, yes. Easy, no.

The battle of the mind is the greatest challenge a human can take on, but it is the only battle we must wage to align with our truth. We are powerful, loving beings who have been sold lies and programming that do not serve our highest good. This is not a conspiracy, just the product of an ego-centric world and the outward search for answers and peace.

It is our collective mission as citizens of this earth to raise our consciousness above the deluded messages and towards truth. The yogis have been sharing this message for thousands of years. In this episode, we sit down with Bryan Kest, a well-known yogi, and teacher of said truth.

Bryan began practicing yoga at the age of 14 and entered his first ten-day Vipassana meditation course at the age of 24. Bryan is the creator of Power Yoga and owner of Santa Monica Power Yoga & Meditation, which, for decades, has held the unique business model of being a donation-based studio. Bryan has led more than 24,000 classes and leads workshops, trainings, and retreats throughout the world and online with one distinct objective, to strengthen the benevolent and eradicate the malevolent.

I met Bryan years ago in Newport, RI, during one of his weekend workshops held at Newport Power Yoga. I chauffeured Bryan to and from the studio throughout his stay. I remember feeling a bit inadequate as I pulled up to meet him in our beat-up, dog-hair filled Subaru, but quickly I was at ease by Bryan’s kindness and good conversation. I experienced one of his LSD classes that weekend, and I have not forgotten the transformative nature of holding a forward fold for ten minutes.

We imagine the timing of this episode is the product of the perfection of divine timing. We hope you enjoy this compassionate yogi who is as loving as he is fiery. We are grateful every time you tune into the YogiTriathlete podcast, we are 100% listener-supported and would love your inclusion as a patron on patreon.com/yogitriathlete. We would not exist without this community. Thank you.

Namaste –

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