Episode 287: Isabella Janovick, Ultra Runner, Coach And OC Racer On Consistently Seeking The Next Level

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I met IzzyB shortly after I moved to San Diego with a new purpose to complete my first ultra-marathon, and since knowing her, although we don’t see each other often, I have watched her level up in so many ways.

It’s always a treat to join one of her UltraBuds group runs or when I run into her on the trails, which happens occasionally. Izzy plays so many roles in this life and is another guest who leaves us with no excuses.

She is president of Janovick Communications, a marketing strategy firm, founder of UltraBuds running group, and co-founder of Ghost Runners Coaching alongside YTP guest Vera Stepina from episode 196. Izzy is an ultra runner herself and an obstacle course racer training for and has since completed, the Dallas Spartan Ultra 50k, which includes over 60 obstacles.

I would describe Izzy as driven. She completes what she starts and continues to grow past her limitations as I see her empower her athletes to do the same. When she’s not out there crushing it for herself or her athletes, she’s in service of others. She recently paced a friend at the Badwater 135 and just announced that she is the race director for the North County Beer run.

So how did she get here? Well, that’s what we dive into during this episode and more.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Spartan racing
  • Wimpy gyms
  • her upcoming and first 100-mile trail run
  • the intersection of strength and endurance running
  • from a broken back to trail running
  • mental training techniques
  • burpees everyday
  • nutrition for athletes
  • “F” macros
  • balancing a love for beer with a commitment to fitness
  • carb loading
  • heat training
  • pacing at Badwater

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