Podcast 196: Vera Stepina, UltraRunner and Entrepreneur on Not Being a Sheep

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“When somebody tells you the truth and, before you didn’t want to see it, but when you actually admit it to yourself and are honest with yourself that it is true…and you hate hearing that, but when you choose to see it and hear it and admit it to yourself, that is when your life changes.”

Despite being born into a society that told her to stay inside the box, Vera Stepina refused to follow the herd. She persevered through homelessness, obesity, and unhappiness only to find her unique voice and the confidence to share her gifts unapologetically with the world. This amazing woman has lived through her fair share of contrast. She has risen above her limitations to serve others who are in search of a better way of life. 

Vera grew up in Russia, where being skinny and beautiful was a competitive sport. Dieting was commonplace, even for young girls, and blending in with the others was encouraged. After losing her mother at a young age, Vera ventured to America with her friends for a new chance at life. The picture painted led her to believe that money grew on trees, and success was easy in the USA. Shortly after arriving in Oceanside, CA, Vera faced harsh realities that no doubt shaped the woman she is today. 

This is a story of not giving up, resiliency, and commitment. Vera shows us all that excuses, even when we believe them to be reasons, are just words that keep us from living our greatest expression. We hope you enjoy this raw and revealing conversation with a woman whose mindset is as strong as her street cred.

Thank you to Jeremy Allyn for producing this show on our behalf – we are grateful for your support. 

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Episode 196 Show Notes 
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