Week #27 Ironman Training

Week #27 Ironman Training
July 11, 2014 Jess

Good to be settled back in after one helluva June.  Weekend workouts are coming down and I’ve been incorporating more speed sets into my sessions.  I’ve got to get those fast twitch fibers out of hibernation and up to speed, literally.  The temperature continues to steam up and almost every weekend brings perfect beach weather.  I’ve been enjoying more local riding although living on an island 15 miles long and 5 miles wide leaves routes and distances limited.  There are only so many times I can circle Ocean Drive albeit the view never disappoints. And there is something about riding past the beach on a hot, hazy day through the thick ocean air that reminds me of my salty childhood on Cape Cod. Although I can’t ride 100 miles in any direction and my triathlon bike really needs shocks to properly handle the road conditions, I continue to have a full heart living and training by the sea.

Race day is just about two weeks away.  I continue to feel very healthy but I am listening intently to my body.  I’m looking forward to layering on more rest over the next few weeks to chip away at the foundation of fatigue that is still very much present.  I’m enjoying all the steps along the way but am also looking forward to post Ironman farmers’ market Saturdays, destination long runs with beej, the absence of 4am wake ups and lots and lots of beach time. Cheers mother ocean!

Week #27 Recap

45 min recovery ride
60 min vinyasa
3000 yd swim
30 min recovery ride
30 min z2/z3 run
75 min heated vinyasa
2700 yd swim
1hr 10 min min z2 bike
15 min recovery run


60 min vinyasa
3 hr z2/z3 ride
55 min Z2/Z3 run
2500 yd swim


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