Podcast 156: Tu Tran, Wattie Ink. Team Manager on Doing the Work for the Sake of the Work

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Tu Tran carried the flag during the 13.1-mile run at Ironman Oceanside in honor of Lance Corporal Abe Simpson. At the finish line, he handed the flag off to Simpson’s mother Maria to aid in her journey of celebrating her son’s life. Tu shares with us the origin story and the powerful moments before the swim start that created an unforgettable experience.

After being a Wattie Ink. team member for years now, Tu recently moved into the role of team manager. On top of his full-time job with Microsoft, a legit and growing resume in endurance sports and a young family at home, Tu signed on to lead the 600 strong Wattie Ink. athlete community as a labor of love. Tu is on a mission to create an impact in the world and do what he can to grow the sport of triathlon. Stepping into this role with Wattie is the logical next step as the cornerstone of the Wattie community is built on making an impact.

We dive into the Wattie culture and talk with Tu about how he balances everything on his plate. We discuss the deep inner work necessary to live your best, doing the work for the sake of the work and the importance of present moment awareness. This is an insightful conversation in which we take a look at the human condition.

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Episode 156 Show Notes:

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