Podcast 88: Taylor Spivey, Professional Triathlete On Going All In For Her Dreams

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Most people spend many years, decades even dreaming of finishing an Ironman while Taylor Spivey completed her first 140.6 while still in the womb. Today a professional triathlete, Taylor was born into a triathlon legacy. Her mom a former professional and dad a top age grouper set forth the seeds for what is turning into a very successful life choice.

Taylor showed the world that she has what it takes to be the winner on the day. Landing 2nd in Leeds this past summer at a WTS race, second only to current World Champion Flora Duffy. Beneath her sweet exterior, Taylor has a fire that burns from deep within and one that is prepping her for more podium visits in 2018.

We caught up with Taylor at our home in Carlsbad. She is in town until the spring training with her coach Paulo Sousa and his Triathlon Squad. Day in and day out she shares close quarters with her teammates and competitors in pursuit of fulfilling her dreams. Setting two of her loves, architecture, and lifeguarding aside, for now, Taylor is officially all in for her professional multi-sport career. She has a demanding race schedule set for this year and we can’t wait to watch her race. Catch all of the WTS action on TriathlonLIVE, low-cost subscription for incredible action and coverage.

She shares her story of how she started in the sport, what it took for her to get her start and the incredible support received by USAT’s College Recruitment Program. We recount her Leeds race from this year and we go deep on the mental game for athletes. Expect big things from this girl in the future, I feel an unstoppability about her that is the sign of all great athletes.

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Episode 88 Show Notes:

Photo Credit: Colin Morely

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