Podcast 85: Ask the YTs on Killer Calves, Store Bought Speed and Plant-Based Benefits

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Today BJ and I celebrate our 20th Christmas together and having left our closest relatives on the east coast it will be just he and I and Clark. We will teach yoga, we will take a family walk, we will meditate, we will rest our physical bodies and we will fine tune our minds because we know there is no time off for a mindful life.

When we first started our journey together we purchased and decorated trees and we exchanged presents for many years. As our curiosity and commitment to simplicity continued to grow those traditions have fallen away and our connection to the holiday of Christmas has shifted greatly. It’s no longer about what we want but honoring what we have in the deepest sense of gratitude.

December 25th is the birthday of Jesus Christ, a man who I believe was here on this earth to show us all how to love more. He was a yogi. He studied in India. He was the embodiment of all things mastery. He was everything I aspire to be.

Mastery is a state of completion. A place of being where there is no lack or limits. And above all else, it is a state of neutrality. It is, in fact, a state we already possess deep within us but not until we train our minds to experience deep presence will we be able to touch that part of us. Not until we still ourselves enough to experience what is brewing under the surface will begin to experience our unshakeable selves.

It is our intention through YogiTriathlete to assist every person who is ready to walk their path to mastery in sport and life. This is where our true selves reside, this is where our goal paces get crushed and this is where there is never another disappointment to experience. This is the Awake and Ready life and this community is overflowing with natural born seekers tapping into their inner badasses every single day. We are honored to have you along for the ride.

In this episode, we take listener questions and in answering each one we share our knowledge, our wisdom and our truth.  Showing up to this podcast every week has been a life-transformative experience and without your support, we would not have the platform that exists as the foundation for our mission to create a better world.

Thank you for showing up every week. Please share this show with your community, become a patron on Patreon and for sure subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcast. This month we are giving away a 2XU Transition Bag to one lucky reviewer so get yourself in the running to win.


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