Podcast 84: Angela Hubbs on Deliberately Creating Your Life…Today

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We’ve all spoken them and we’ve all heard them and they are called excuses. Ego alibis that prevent us from living the life we really want to live. Downright justifications to keep ourselves in the inevitably uncomfortable cage of our comfort zone.

We say we’ll start on Monday or once our kids are older or when we retire but the massive flaw in this line of thinking is the assumption that we are guaranteed a future when, in fact, we are not. The only thing we have is the moment we are living within, nothing more.

So why would we ever waste a moment of now to put off what we dream of for the future, when the future is only a concept? And furthermore, in using up our now moment to dream of the happiness that we hope is coming, we create a habitual behavior of missing our lives because our lives are happening right now! As an aside, I rarely use exclamation points when writing because it literally means I am raising my voice. In this case, assume I am passionately raising my voice.

This is vital information for every human to embody because we are all guilty of putting off until tomorrow what could be created today. Angela Hubbs, fitness personality, personal trainer, triathlete, life creator, public speaker and animal lover joins me today to dive into how we can start living the life we want right now.

Angela was our guest on podcast 28 and in that episode, we dive into her journey to finding happiness and stepping into the life she wants, in a body that she loves. Angela now dedicates her life to assisting others in finding the same in their own lives. Her energy is contagious, her love for all is evident and it is a great honor to have her back on the show today. Angela and I dive into the “how to” around being a deliberate creator and we share our own experiences, both successes, and failures of doing this in our own lives.

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