Podcast 54: Lynda Layng, Plant-Based Chef on A Life of Wellness and Feeling Fear Then Doing It Anyways

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It’s more than what we put on our plate and into our bodies.  It’s what we put into our minds. It’s how we spend our time and who we spend it with. It’s how, and if, we chew our food and move our bodies. Health is a lifestyle. And when we look at it this way, as a harmonic concert of many different things, big and small, working together we find ourselves living a life of wellness. This is a sustainable way to find health but for many people on this planet who are so far away from a lifestyle of wellness, it may seem unattainable. We are here to say that is a myth, a complete untruth perpetrated by ego energy. There is a way, there is always a way to finding more vibrancy in life and it is available to everyone. It is ours for the taking, have at it!

Our guest today is Lynda Layng, plant-based chef, healthy recipe creator, holistic health coach and small step advocate buddy to YTP 52 guest Sid Garza-Hillman. Like Sid, she is a big fan of small change and living a life where deprivation is the only thing we are depriving ourselves of. Adding in, not giving up is the key to long-lasting change. Lynda works with her clients to make eating healthy as easy as opening up their lunch bag at work to reveal one of her pre-made, high vibe meals. She works locally through her New Jersey network to provide homemade plant-based meals to folks who are busy but awake enough to know that without Lynda they may otherwise fall prey to poor food choices.

Lynda loves to share food with others but her underlying passion is recipe creation and cookbook collaboration. A welcomed passion that became known to us soon shortly after meeting Lynda at the Mendocino 50k last month. To say we hit it off with Lynda would be an understatement, for me, it was like finding my sister. And like any good sibling, Lynda has generously offered to support us on our cookbook quest. We will be utilizing her expertise and high vibe taste buds in our process to publish our first cookbook this summer (can you feel the accountability!).

We are so excited about having Lynda in our lives and are so honored to share her warm heart and loving story with you guys today. Enjoy the show! Share this episode with your network and consider setting up a monthly Patreon donation of your choice to keep this lifeforce full of life.


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