Episode 380: Chef Lynda Layng On Healing Mindset Around Food And Manifesting A Dream Job

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We are thrilled to have Lynda Layng back in the house today.

Lynda is a whole food plant-based chef, recipe developer, food editor, and certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

She is passionate about whole food, plant-based nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. Lynda has been in the vegan publishing and recipe development space for over a decade. She has had the pleasure of working on cookbooks, such as The Plant-Powered Way by Rich Roll & Julie Piatt, Self Magazine Drop 10 Cookbook, Dining at the Ravens, treasured recipes from The Stanford Inn Vegan Resort and The YogiTriathlete Cookbook. Her most recent work includes No Meat Athlete, Health Made Simple Meal Plan, Mississippi Vegan’s YouTube Cooking Channel, and website.

You have heard Lynda on the show before, and if you haven’t checked out those episodes, see the show notes for links to listen in. As previously mentioned, Lynda didn’t just work on the YogiTriathlete cookbook; she was instrumental in assisting us in completing the book at a time in our lives when we really needed help. Lynda was then and continues to be in service as she assists us with this podcast and athletes in the community with their overall health and nutrition.

It was time to bring this shining light back to the forefront to dish on all things plants, mindset, and life. Be sure the check the show notes for a powerful meditation and two incredible recipes!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Late summer easy meals
  • New special sauce
  • Manifestation meditation
  • Chips Attack
  • Mindset and healing relationship around food
  • Lynda’s new dream job
  • Getting clear on what you want
  • How do you care for yourself?
  • Navigating non-vegan restaurants
  • Overcomplicating food choices
  • Be patient; not everyone understands vegan
  • Tom Cruise comes to dinner; what do you make?
  • Beautiful insight on the adoption of Lynda’s son, Finn


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Episode 380 Show Notes:

YT Episode 319 with Bill Shufelt, CEO of Athletic Brewing

YT Episode 355 with Mike Reilly, Voice of Ironman

YT Episode 191 with Chris Thornley, Founder of Squirrels Nut Butter

Manifestation Guided Meditation

Smoky Black Bean Burger

Lynda’s New Favorite Green Sauce

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