Podcast 52: Sid Garza-Hillman on Ultra-Running, the Curious Mind & the Caveman that Changed His Life

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Our bodies are always organizing towards health, even when the signs may not appear to be so. Our physiological reaction to stress, inflammation, vasoconstriction and dilation of our vessels and arteries, heart rate and body temperature variations, even bruising, these are all healing mechanisms of the body. We are built to survive. The question is are we helping this process or not? It seems that as a society, living amongst modern day normalities like terrorism, technology and brain numbing entertainment, we pose daily challenges to our innate selves that require constant adaptation. At the end of the day, I believe that these amazing vessels we get to walk this life in are keeping up quite impressively but there are things we can do to help.

Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto, authored by today’s guest is more than just a book on healthy eating. It is a guide to full spectrum wellness written from the perspective of our truest nature. It is a book that advocates small steps and celebrates any change that is in the direction of health. It doesn’t underestimate the power of adding a stalk of celery once a week or touching the actual earth with our bare hands or feet.

Sid is masterful in his approach to excite the reader about returning to a simpler life in the midst of modern chaos. He lends breathing room to the concept of change while removing the factor deprivation. In fact, his advice is almost always to give nothing up, a notion that BJ and I often recommend to our athletes and clients. Simply put, a life of deprivation is not one of sustainability, especially if we are truly enjoying something for our higher good or otherwise, giving it up may just make us want it more. Like Sid, we recommend adding the good in, something as simple as one conscious breath a day or a walk across the yard without shoes. The add-in doesn’t have to be big but over time with consistency, we will give ourselves a greater chance at creating more health promoting habits in our life.

With only one chapter on nutrition, Approaching the Natural takes health to a new level with its consideration of our familial and social networks, mental nutrition and physical movement which was the leading reason why we were able to connect with Sid for this interview. He is the creator and race director for the Mendocino Coast 50k which I ran just a few weeks ago.

This podcast is about ultra-running, small steps, big moves, solutions to stress and taking the big deal out of plant-based nutrition. Sid is a joy to share the mic with and there are many moments of laughter due to his quick-witted responses. We are excited to share his story with the YT community and thank you for every time you choose to listen in. If you are enjoying the show and can donate financially please visit our Patreon page to make your monthly pledge today. Other ways to support the show that doesn’t cost you a thing is by leaving a review on iTunes, sharing the show on your social media outlets and choosing to ride the high vibe with us!


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Episode 52 Show Notes:

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