Episode 392 Dr. Monica Davern, Vegan Athlete On Elevated Parenting And What To Know About Dairy

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Jess and BJ welcome back Dr. Monica Davern to the show.

Dr. Monica Davern, MD MPH, is a practicing pediatrician, vegan athlete, and mom to 2 little boys. She is the creator of Mighty Roots, an elevated resource for parents seeking better health and connection with their kids. Be sure to read this entire post for a special YTP listener offer!

Jess and BJ first met Monica in 2017 at Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa, briefly in the expo and then the following morning in the wee dark hours as they boarded athlete shuttles to the swim start in Lake Sonoma.

Over these years, they have stayed in touch; Monica was on Team YogiTriathlete for a time and is now turning her attention to her latest offering, Mighty Roots.

The three of them dive into that and much more as they catch up with fellow athlete and friend Dr. Monica Davern.SPECIAL

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In this episode:

  • moving forward from the “sucks enough” moment
  • the high stakes of emergency care
  • the day Monica will never forget
  • parenting two adventurous sons
  • bringing plant-based lifestyle to families
  • Monica’s plant-based story
  • inspiration for Mighty Roots
  • important gut biome and education
  • family meals critical bonding and obesity prevention
  • time in nature without structure
  • Leafy Littles: masterclass for families
  • What we need to know about cow’s milk, antibiotics, allergies and more
  • overcoming picky-eaters
  • iron absorption fussiness
  • progress over perfection
  • exposing a variety of foods to children
  • include children in the shopping and preparing of meals

Her new offering is Leafy Littles, a 5-week online course to help parents on a transformative journey to plant-based nutrition for the whole family. In this course, you’ll learn how to confidently provide perfect plant-based nutrition for your kids and rediscover calm, clarity, and connection at mealtimes.

Whether you are looking for a total wellness overhaul or have been vegan for years and want to be confident providing the right nutrition to your littles… THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

Head here to enroll

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Episode 392 Show Notes:

Connect with Dr. Monica:

YTP episode 69 with Dr. Monica Davern

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