Podcast 258: Ellie Salthouse – Professional Triathlete With A World Champion Mindset

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Each week for five years, this podcast has shined a light on people who are looking, finding, and living their purpose. For some, it takes some years of sifting and sorting, while for others, it comes with one decision that shifts the trajectory of their lives.

Bottom line, we are all here on purpose; there are no mistakes and if you are feeling like you are still sifting and sorting, know that every moment is your purpose of finding your purpose, and you never know when it will show up.

Today’s guest is Ellie Salthouse, undeniably one of the fastest triathletes in the profession right now. She is no doubt someone who is on purpose with what she came to this earth to do, and it all began at the age of 11.

One morning while munching on her cereal Ellie noticed an ad on the cereal box for the Weetabix triathlon. She had her mom sign her up, she completed the race, started training with a coach the following week, turned pro at 17, and now resides under the esteemed guidance of Siri Lindley, our beloved guest from episode 39.

Initially an ITU pro, Ellie turned to half distance triathlon in 2016 and finished her first season with four titles, multiple podium finishes, and a top 10 at the 70.3 world championship.

At 28 years old, she is a veteran in the sport of triathlon, and we are so excited to be in the company of such a fantastic athlete whose beautiful personality only makes her light shine brighter.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Aligning with your purpose
  • Vying for a spot in Collins Cup
  • Effects of increased race coverage on racing
  • On being coached by Siri Lindley
  • Learning from your experiences
  • Priming each day
  • Power of being grateful
  • Techniques for race day nerves
  • World champion fire burning within
  • Having a mental toolbox
  • Nutrition and cravings

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