Podcast 257: Shoshana Chaim on the Power of Developing the Tool to Breathe

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We are excited to have Shoshana Chaim of PlantTrainers back on the show today. BJ and I shared with mic with Shoshana and her husband Adam in early 2019, and we went deep right off the bat. An organic dive into their story brought to the surface important and tender topics like PTSD and mental wellness. So if you have not listened to that episode, it’s 148 and linked up in the show notes.

It’s a compelling story that started with two seemingly healthy people that faced two devastating diagnoses that threatened to end Adam’s life before the age of forty. Doctors told them to cross their fingers, which for Shoshana meant, prepare for the worst.

Pregnant with their second child at the time and entirely overwhelmed by the unknown of their future, Shoshana experienced a day-to-day trauma that led to perhaps the greatest battle of her life; to regain her mental health. Shoshana is a public speaker, podcast host of the PlantTrainers podcast, health and wellness guru, and author with a brand new book we will learn today.

She is on a mission to heal people from the inside out and dedicates her time to spreading the messages of eating well, living well, and healing as individuals and families.

We hope you enjoy the show!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Life challenges are meant to happen
  • Accepting the gift in challenging experiences
  • Guided meditation vs silent meditation
  • Living the demonstration
  • Living with integrity
  • The real meaning of the expression ‘Rule of Thumb’
  • Calming your energy through mindfulness
  • A Peaceful Goldfish – New book available
  • Power of developing the tool to breath
  • Allowing more silliness & playfulness in life
  • Practicing power under control
  • There is no magic pill

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