Podcast 228: Nicole DeBoom – I Am Here. I am Now.

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In December 2003, Nicole DeBoom, a professional triathlete, caught a glimpse of herself in a storefront window while on a training run in Lyons, Colorado. At that moment, she felt her motivation sizzle into a burning desire to feel more empowered, feel more body positivity, and feel more like her beautiful feminine, fierce self in everything she did. She wanted it all, performance, comfort, and cute-factor, and it was clear from what she saw in her reflection that day that she didn’t have it yet, but knew that she was on to something epic.

Nicole created the world’s first performance running skirt; she opened a space for women worldwide to come together and support one another through the Skirt Sports apparel brand. Over the last 15 years, Nicole and her skirt army successfully curated a new category of performance wear for women. They turned a single style into a fully merchandised, multi-category brand.

Today, we dive into all the feels around the letting go of Skirt Sports and everything that needed to happen for things to fall perfectly into place.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the moment she realized why she is here
  • walking away vs quitting
  • the awkward the HAD to happen
  • healing a deep wound, and the perfection of timing
  • challenges with alcohol from the first sip, drinking to the edge, and eventually quitting altogether
  • getting rid of the shame around the things that we know are not good for us
  • athlete mindset in business – when it serves us and when it doesn’t
  • the support that will fuel her for the rest of her life

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