Podcast 215: David Roche on Cultivating the Self-Belief to Shoot Your Shot

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Training and racing to our highest potential are so much more than moving the body. It’s our entire lifestyle as athletes and how we move through the world that is the all-encompassing performance influencer. It’s our happiness factor, our stress levels, our ability to harmonize with the negative voice in our head, and our willingness to grow even when we receive evidence to the contrary that keeps us moving past our limits.

David Roche, coveted running coach, is our guest today, and he is passionate about the happiness factor of life and guiding athletes to seeing all experiences from a loving perspective. Founder of Some Work All Play (SWAP) coaching, David and his wife Meghan coach some of the biggest names in trail running today.

David holds a commitment to unconditional love and support coupled with a process-oriented, long-term methodology for athletic fulfillment while throwing in a few puppies and unicorns along the way for safe measure. Surrounding his athletes in love has not made them soft. David’s runners have taken wins at some of the biggest trail races, including Western States 100-mile Endurance Run and the infamous Hardrock 100.

David and Meghan co-authored, “The Happy Runner” in 2018, which serves as an extension of SWAP coaching and a call to loving the process as a means of getting faster. In this conversation, we talk about the common thread that he sees runners struggle with, what his athletes have taught him about himself over the years, and the belief system behind hill strides and the holy grail of coaching.

We are grateful to be sharing the mic with David for this episode; we hope you enjoy the show. Thank you for your support. If you haven’t lately, check out our Patreon community, which helps to keep the YTP commercial-free.

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