Podcast 202: Pre-Season Bike Smackdown with BJ and Jess

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Everything is always changing; this is the nature of the earthly existence we live within. Because we create patterns and behaviors automatically based on the resources of availability, we most often live under the delusion that everything is generally the same day-to-day. This is false. Everything is always changing, and never will there be a time that this is untrue here on earth. As you read these words and I write them, there are cells birthing and dying in our body. We are not the same, ever. Normalcy is a construct of the mind that allows us to feel a level of safety from the unknown, but in truth, every moment is the gateway to the unknown.

As athletes who desire their greatest successes must learn to control the controllable and let go of the rest. It means that we never lose sight of our dreams, no matter what is coming at us. It means that to stay in flow with the ever-changing circumstances of life, we need to find the finesse of forwarding momentum and releasing the fight. In surrendering against “what is” while still taking action in the direction of the life we desire to live now, we can remain steadfast and ultimately unshakeable by life circumstances. This is mastery. It’s a moment to moment process that never ends.

We believe mastery is the ultimate pursuit of endurance athletes. In this episode, we dive into questions that assist us in being our best on the bike. Whether that is for triathlon or cross-training, the mastery of the bike comes from our physical activity and mindset choices. We talk about bike fitness and the role that plays in running to an athlete’s potential. We answer questions on sweet spot training for a time-starved athlete, not letting the stories of yesterday determine our outlook of today, RPE vs. Watts, road bike vs. tri bike, and more.

As athletes, we are always walking into the unknown. The experienced ones know that there is no race experience that is the same, and our intention is for today’s conversation is to inspire you to keep the momentum moving forward within an existence that is and forever will be ever-changing.

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